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Just You

under my skin
battered bones
where you climbed inside
mingled with

In Me
Of Me

~ don’t leave ~

there is No One,
Nothing Else there

(was there ever?

did I accidentally lead
you to believe

{did I set you to singing HELPHELPMERHONDA??!!}

can’t quit now,
too abrupt,
too sudden
like a dizzy drunk
gone stone cold

and we’re so damn close!

These Spinning Years
accumulate but never

and though you never touched,
my quivering pink skin remains clear
of fingerprints

Only You

leave a trail like a snail
along me
near to invisible, yet

sticky and stuck on me

~ don’t let go ~

the confetti of my scattered
words confuse, abuse

and settle back in my
empty room

try to make right
these paper cut circles

gathering in
sweeping up scattered orbs
I stare at white screens

fingers screaming for you you you!

strike the letters
shock the ridges and whorls

YOU I Wanted
YOU I Waited for!


Singular You

and still I wait and wait…

I’d wait an Age
in my lonely bed
made of dazzling dreams

dusty fingers
~ all ten yours! ~
find me there
and hold,


© 2016 J. Noade



Do you tire of all
The Reasons
I cannot touch your
thrumming velvet skin?

(Each night
I dream
what happens

the dark witch
reaching out from
her bazar station
pungent perfume
to dab my freckled flesh
clean again

I mistakenly tell her
my family name

enticed as I am by her sweet wares,
the sickly sugar

then she sours the milk

her cackles echo
into the cold cracking dawn

she’s found me
Here <
> There
again )

Oh! you who are my Judge
My Whole Heart
Invisible Lover
Two-egg Brother

Hear My Tale!!

fiery arrows still fly
like Hermes  – – ->
red tips’
stinging poison
pierce anew
the inverted
virginal white


tossed aside,
my bed in the road
Home. Less.
Hap. Less.
Art. Less.

The Reasons
ring like fraudulent
jingle bells
in your elfin ears

black and white
strokes sting
your night bird eyes

All you know…

I’m kept from your touch
your scent,
your teeth that would sink
along my frozen neck

my flesh melting
the heat of yours

your teardrops
which hold the world together

our un-waking dream

I can’t ask you to wait,
to hold me,
while it takes
a few more tiny lifetimes

For. Ever.

to come Home
but I do,
I do!

© 2016 J. Noade







crowds of ghosts
flicker through the new

streaming past

what’s left of me,
my dream
brushing up against the
valiant warrior hope in you

what do they whisper
about all this Love and Gravity?

the ceaseless butterfly of Light

spatters of rusty blood
across a tattered
projector screen

the heroes’ bowing heads

a gust of autumn wind
upon your creamy naked ear

“don’t forget…

©  2016 J. Noade

A Bully and a Terrorist are not so different.
Only one uses a subtle weaponry.





2 four 6 eight
flaky shape
parallel the jet fighters
in a blue-less sky

overhead their wings
in unison
never flap
just soar
angry eyes
and softly-spotted

my heart flutters
in its tortoise shell
skips to a syncopated tattoo
tip-toe highland fling
in a gilded cage

what is coming
you white-winged

I thought I saw
a good sign,
after all,
only a moment’s

but now grounded
in a frozen trench of

(even you, clawing, digging Eagle,
cannot stop it)

looking over both
while baby devil’s
red-breath laughter
coats the fallen angel’s

© 2015 J. Noade