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I had no choice

I had to walk
without you
under the hunter’s moon

and in looking up
I saw your reflection there
pale and dim
casting dark silhouettes
on the land
like a shadow lantern

are you in the dream world now?

then come to me
here under these buzzing
electric lines

and see those shimmering diamonds
that dance upon the crude night sea

this is our Ocean
this is our Moon
as She has been for every Fool
who has ever loved

on your fluttering eyelids
on shimmering onyx wings
fly to meet me,
feel this cold wind
alight upon my cheek

how winter approaches again
how I will freeze
and tremble
in my dark den

but for now,
kiss my warm lips in sleep
I am still Alive!

and these dying, rustling leaves
that whisper our true names

sing Rhymes and Stories
in the half-light,
fashioning their own shapes
on the ground
like an old movie

out of focus

spinning reels
as you move now to greet me

one weightless flap, then another
towards our lunar scene

© 2015 J. Noade


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