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I save meat scraps
in the freezer,

for Coyote

Once a month
I enter a forest
and make the offering

Not wanting to sacrifice twice
once to me, my dinner
I can’t throw a life
to the garbage heap,
not even one so unknown

someone can use it

“Jesus died for your sins…
the body of Christ…amen”
The body of lamb
The body of cow

Have mercy on us

Given to sustain
life on the ground
so many animals
to keep just one alive

I chew the grizzled parts
the fat
I save these too,
after spitting out

I place them
with Loving Care
into the plastic bag
into suspension

I wonder…
does He taste my saliva
and recoil, drop it from his sharp jaws?
Or ingest my germs, my dreams
like a nocturnal sin eater?

I imagine co-migling
in His gut
digesting there,
churning and listening to the
sounds of utter darkness

Then running Night into Day

So simple for Him
His need


Try to survive
as they take the land

Cry dog tears
when one of your own
goes down

Can you teach me a way
to know the woods again?

To know what to do
each day
with this burning
animal blood?

To howl when the sirens
swing by
a canine chorus
for every unlucky accident

A beastly Bacchae
for those ripped to pieces
for those about to lose

A sanguine symphony in fur
tears, spit, earth,
on our paws

Digging in

© 2018 J. Noade



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