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I am a singer-songwriter, poet and visual artist originally from Nova Scotia, Canada. I’m of Irish, French AcadianPrussian, and Mi’kmaq ancestry from Unama’ki, or Cape Breton, as it is known today. I was raised in Halifax, but spent my most precious moments in a tiny Acadian town in Cape Breton with my grandmother, fishing, clam digging, and storytelling along the shores of the Atlantic. I am descended maternally from “The People of the Woods,” displaced Acadians who were fleeing political persecution and expulsion in 1755 during what has been termed “Le Grand Dérangement.” On the paternal side, I come from a line of Seventh Son Irish hereditary healers and I am a dream-seer. A Capricorn (West) a Dragon (East), I love ghosts, swimming in the sea, the woods, dancing and snow.

My work deals with the Natural and Supernatural worlds. I am interested in what is not seen and the veil between The Living and the Dead. I like to think of my poems, songs and other artworks as living beings. They may suddenly change shape after publication and even disappear entirely from the light realm.

(Photo by Chara Berk, Vancouver 2011)



  1. Wings: just to let you know, I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award… check it out at RT

    • Oh wow, thank you so much. What an honour!! I really appreciate that.

  2. as a friend i searched for you forever…….i think i may have found you

    • Oh my goodness, I have wondered about you…how are you? My god. Lives and lives later…

  3. WOW, I have butterflies like a teen would on a first date!

    Can’t wait to speak to you 🙂

    • 😀 Looking forward to meeting you again after all these many years…..

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